New indoor meeting space!

Thanks to the students of the Cal Juggling Club, we now have an indoor space for juggling for the winter. We meet now at Hearst Gym, room 237. It’s a basketball court on the second floor of the Hearst Gym building. You’ll want to enter the doors on the East side of the building; look for a drive that goes into campus from Bancroft with the parking garage and tennis courts on your right and the gym on your left. If the door-checkers hassle you, explain the situation; you’re allowed to come even if you’re not a student. Go up the stairs to your right, and then turn right at the top of the stairs. You should see room 237 on the south side of the second floor.

From 12/18 until 2/10, we can’t use the gym, so we will meet at Hildebrand hall again. This is an outdoor location, so it might be a bit cold ;).

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