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Berkeley Juggling Festival

October 7 - 9th, 2005
King Middle School, 1781 Rose St. Berkeley, CA

What's a juggling festival?

Many people think of juggling strictly in the context of sequin-vested cruise ship performers whirling shiny clubs about in a display of inhuman dexterity. For others, juggling brings to mind weathered street performers tossing chainsaws and melons alongside practiced punchlines and a hat for donations. But there is another side of juggling that most will never experience, a world of friends and games, workshops and camaraderie, colleagues trading techniques and obscure passing patterns. Never experience, that is, unless they attend that rarest of events, the juggling festival.

Now you have an opportunity to not only look behind the curtains of the juggling world, but to join that community in its purest expression. The Berkeley Juggling Festival is on its way, and we should have a little something for everyone: from 11-club passing workshops to a "construction zone" where we promise we can teach anyone the basics. We'll have vendors onsite for your purchasing needs; organized unicycle rides and unicycle basketball; and at the end of the day a fabulous public show, chock full of local talent showcasing skills from juggling to aerial dance.

Now, rest assured, the title may say "Juggling and Unicycle", but this is an inclusive event — contact juggling, poi, staff twirling, bullwhips, plate spinning, devil sticks, cigar boxes, diabolo, yo-yos, and that funky thing that one guy does with the rubber chicken — all are welcome here.

So put a couple of big X's on the calendar October 7th - 9th; you're going to be busy, at the 1st Annual Berkeley Juggling Festival!

If you are interested in weekly juggling meetings in Berkeley, contact us or have a look at our web page